The Many Faces of Love

8 February 2020 20:30hrs

Everybody falls in love! Love is the strongest emotion that a human being can experience in life, and one that has many colours, forms, and expressions. Even the Gods, Goddesses, celestials and saints have their own love entanglements.

Some feel a cheering explosion of butterflies in their body, some consume the bittersweet pill of love, which is wrapped in sorrow, and some transform their love into devotion. No matter what the response is towards love it’s worthy of praise. Shivali Bhammer will narrate nine divine stories, that every heart can relate to. Each story unravels an emotion that reveals a perspective on love.

Once upon a time Subhadra rebelled and she kidnapped warrior Arjuna. Parvati’s devotion turned yogic Shiva into a householder. Krishna stole Radha’s heart with his flute. Sita decided to leave her beloved husband Rama. Budh, nor man nor woman was completely accepted by Ila, who once was a man. Celestial fairy Meneka seduced sage Vishwamitra.

These affairs of the heart will be enhanced by the melodic raga-based vocal compositions of Vee Kapoor, and the rich vibrations of the strings by Annelieke Marselje on violin. At the end of this interactive performative storytelling program you will fall in love with love itself!

Concert info:

Running time: 90 minutes, no interval
Meet the artists after the performance
Language: English
Storytelling, dance: Shivali Bhammer
Vocals, harmonium: Vee Kapoor
Violin, special effects: Annelieke Marselje
Concept, direction, visual video: Mahesvari Autar
Programmer: Mirella Boumans
Decor: De Doelen/ DesiYUP

Tickets €29.00


About the Artists

Shivali Bhammer

Shivali was born in London, having studied Economics & Philosophy, she embarked on a career in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs but quickly left to pursue her artistic passions. She was signed to Sony Music BMG and has released two devotional albums, The Bhajan Project and Urban Temple, which reached number 1 on the iTunes World Chart. Shivali was nominated for two global Indian Music Awards at the age of 23 and was listed as the Top 25 under 25 South Asian Artists in England. 

Shivali also holds a diploma in Acting, Kathak (classical Indian Dance) and Ballet. As a writer she has published for newspapers such as The Financial Times, The Orange County Register, Science & Spirituality, Spirituality & Health, Hinduism Today, Spiritual Directors International, and India Link on topics of philosophy and faith. Shivali is also an award-winning playwright and founder of A Counscious Stream Productions. 

Shivali has been interviewed across newspapers and magazines in the U.K., India and publications in the USA. An active public speaker globally on Vendanta, Karma Yoga, Jyana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. Shivali has done documentaries and recordings for BBC Television, BBC Radio and other radio channels in both India and the USA. 

Vee Kapoor

Times Music releases international singer and musician Vee Kapoor’s music: Saavaro-Hue of black & Giridhari. He is pleased to be working alongside this renowned record label and prominent subsidiary for India’s largest media conglomerate.

From a young age, Vee was captivated by the universal charm of Indian culture, history and heritage. A burning desire to delve deep into Indian classical music led to rigorous formal training under the tutelage of esteemed Indian classical musicians, based both in the UK and India. As someone born and raised in London, he relished in the added benefit of synthesizing a western dimension to his music.

Vee beleives in the timelss allure of spiritual music and is determined to keep its stature in modern times. His music originates from ancient hidden gems, mystical devotional poems of deep spiritual and historical significance. Vee has expertly extracted this essence and imbued with it his own musical vision, creating a dynamic and unique genre, together with widening the appeal to a younger and contemporary audience.

These tracks are produced in London, alongside distinguished music producer Shammi Pithia and additionally features Sarod Maestro, Soumik Datta.

Annelieke Marselje

When she was 5 years old, Annelieke was taking violin lessons at the SKVR in Rotterdam. Afterwards she went to high school for Music and Dance and received lessons from Thijs Kramer, who was part of the Rotterdams Conservatorium. After high school she moved on to the Rotterdams Conservatorium.

After her first year at the Rotterdams Conservatirium, she went to the Fontys Conservatirium in Tilburg where she graduated in 2010.

Since 2016, she is teaching classes at the pop-academie of Codarts as a violin teacher.

Her preference is in jazz and popmusic. Through the years she has worked with many national and international jazz and pop artists for CD-recordings, conerts and music videos.

Some of these artists are: Jose James, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garix, Kensington, Krezip, Andre Hazes, Navarone, Nicke & Simon, Marco Borsato, Doe Maar, Anouk, Afrojack, Rod Stewart, and Michael Bulbe. 

She also does the music for “stomme films” together with Kevin Toma, with whom she has worked together at Melkweg and Lowlands.

She performs in orchestras kwartets, solo but also as the Marselje Duo together with her sister Dorine who plays the concertharp.


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