Yoga Nidra

We started 2020 with two concerts on January 11th. The first one was for baby’s, toddlers and pregnant women. As research has shown an many cultures have known for millennia, listening to calming and spiritual music helps in the positive development of a child. Even listening from within the womb. During the afternoon concert many children and their parents were able to listen to Vedic hymns while they relaxed in a safe and comfortable environment.

The second concert that was during the evening, adults that wanted to have a relaxing laying down session while different ancient poems by Indian saints were presented with both classical and modern instruments.
Especially for this laying down concerts, we flew over singers and composer Aks and Lakshmi from Los Angeles (USA) and we had Prewien Pandora Mishre (Harmonium) and Danielle van Driel (Harp) accompanying them.

The sold out concert was featured in AD Den Haag.


About The Artists

Aks and Lakshmi

Aks is a composer, producer and vocalist who composes for albums, film and TV and video games. He was trained by Oscar winner AR Rahman. Aks is best known for creating multi-layered electronic orchestrations and lyrical melodies. Aks brings classical music to life through the innovative use of new music technology.
Lakshmi is a vocalist specializing in Indian classical singing. With an M.A. in Religious Studies from Stanford she writes about great Indian poets from the Bhakti movement. She has recorded several devotional albums with her mother and guru Padmini Chandrashekar.


Prewien is a vocalist born in Suriname. Prewien received his musical training in Rotterdam under the tutelage of Shree Koustuv Ray. He specializes in North Indian classical and semi-classical music styles. He is currently an active music teacher and performs in the Netherlands.


Daniële chose the beautiful sounds of the Celtic harp and decided to make music that came from her heart. With her music she creates a field of light, love and transparency, a bridge between heaven and earth. These healing sounds are used in many different ways. In addition, she has supplemented her way of giving haptotherapy with voice expression and the heart-opening sounds of the harp.

Images of both the afternoon and evening sessions

Next concert: The Many Faces of Love

Concert information:

Saturday 8 February 20.30hrs
Running time: 90 minutes, no interval
Meet the artists after the performance
Language: English
Storytelling, dance: Shivali Bhammer
Vocals, harmonium: Vee Kapoor
Violin, special effects: Annelieke Marselje
Concept, direction, visual video: Mahesvari Autar
Programmer: Mirella Boumans
Decor: De Doelen/ DesiYUP
Tickets: €29.00


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