Promoting and Preparing for Beyond Bollywood

Merging Golden Oldies with Modern Beats

Video Invites

The Artists Arjun, Shweta and host Sharma Soerdjoesing Chin-A-Foeng all invited the audience to get ready for a night they wouldn’t forget for years to come.

FunX interviews Arjun

Before the day of the concert the popular radio channel FunX did a live interview with Arjun. This interview was recorded and was put on youtube for everyone to enjoy afterwards. Arjun not only did an interview, but wooed the audience with a song.

In House Concert

Shweta gave an in house concert to a small audience where people fell in love with her voice and started to sing along with her. Utilising just her voice, Shweta proved that emotions of a classical Bollywood song can be conveyed without instruments.

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DesiYUP and Shweta were featured in the news. And flyers of the concert were also created featuring both Arjun and Shweta.

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