The promotion of the concert had many facets. DesiYUP promoted Shivali, the artist, but also promoted her album on different radio stations.

Promotion of Urban Temple

The first part of promoting Shivali’s upcoming concert was to also promote her latest CD, Urban Temple. For this part a social  media campaign was started with tv presenter and radio host Monique Badloe and celebrity magician Sudesh Roman.  

In The News

DesiYUp founder Mahesvari went on the national radio station AmorFM with radio host Kries Bandhoe to talk about the upcoming concert “Rise in Love with Devotion” and to promote Shivali’s latest album, Urban Temple. Here Kries Bandhoe is holding the tickets he bought for him and his wife. Not only did he love talking about Shivali’s music live on air, he wanted to experience her live at the concert.
Mahesvari on radio AmorFM with Kries Bandhoe
Shivali on ANP
Shivali was also featured on ANP and was picked up by many major news outlets that are connected to ANP.
The news that Shivali would be performing was also picked up by multicultural organisations like “Verenigde Veelkleurige Religies Rotterdam”.
TV presenter and radio host Monique Badloe also made two commercials about the concert.
By the time that Shivali and her friends had arrived in the Netherlands, she already had a fanbase that was eager to see her perform on stage.
Mahesvari and Shivali posing right after Shivali has arrived in the Netherlands

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