The sun was shining yesterday in Amsterdam. In this city where culture is so diverse and where diversity is celebrated, I gave an interview at radio station Mann.

Presentor Marlon Amirkhan was a great host and we had a one hour interview about the upcoming concert ‘Creation of Something Meaningful’.
He started our interview with a song by Sangeeta, I immediately could tell that he was fascinated by her voice. Calling her the Dutch Sarnami “Lata Mangeshkar”. That’s a huge compliment. So during the interview Sangeeta Bhageloe gave us a call and we spoke about her role during the concert.
After her phone call we played some songs of Shammi Pithia’s latest album COSMIC. Marlon liked Ankaha a lot and Under the Stars. He promised that he will do his utmost best to attend the concert with his wife!
With this promise in my pocket I left the Pakhuis de Zwijger building.
Get more info on the concert Creation of Something Meaningful
Check out the website of Radio Mann

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