reCharkha – The EcoSocial Tribe is an inspiring organization born out of an urge to change the face of priceless natural surroundings. reCharkha gives waste plastic a second life and believes in a bottom-up approach. In the past few years they have given Indian tribal women the opportunity to earn their own money.

These wonderful ladies upcycle plastic waste into beautiful handcrafted fabric, by using the Indian traditional Charkha (spindle) and handloom techniques. I’m grateful to be part of this wonderful journey. The coming months I will work with reCharkha’s team as their Communication Consultant. I will help them to create more brand awareness in The Netherlands. And support them to build a market for upcycled handmade products such as (yoga) bags, home decor and fashion items.


Every product that is sold, helps a woman to support her family. Her children can enjoy education and plastic waste is being reused. This tiny drop will help to change the fate of our home, planet Earth. You can participate as well and help reCharkha with their awesome mission. All you have to do is fill your online shopping bag with lovely upcycled products!


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