Reviewing the Creation of Something Meaningful part 2

I can state proudly that our last concert “Creation of Something Meaningful II” was a huge success. We organized a fun-tastic concert at the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, armed with the auspicious Divali-spirit we created a luminous evening for all visitors.

Shammi Pithia’s compositions (latest album Cosmic) left people mesmerized. According to a member of the Indian embassy the concert was fantastic “Especially the innovative and impromptu performances by Shammi. It was as if I was listening to divine flute especially on the day of Govardhan Puja”.

COSM2-017COSM2-020It was an unforgettable evening, which started with the warm welcoming words of the beautiful author Shantie Singh. She introduced our charming Dutch vocalist –trained in North-Indian classical music- Sangeeta Bhageloe along with British guitarist Suroj Sureshbabu to do the opening of the concert. Through the invocation of the peace-mantra Sangeeta paid her homage to the festival of light, Deepavali. What followed next was a major surprise for the audience, Sangeeta debuted her own musical compositions, accompanied with astonishing contemporary sound of the guitar.

COSM2-029The best way to describe Shammi Pithia’s entrance is by using a quote from renowned composer and producer Talvin Singh “His creative ideas are rich and innovative. His music has the diversity and cultural aesthetic which makes him unique as a composer and producer”. The uniqueness of his compositions and moving sound of the bansuri captivated the audience. Most of them heard Shammi for the first time, an others who had attended the first edition of Creation of Something Meaningful in Rotterdam knew what would come. A concert of 90 minutes with only awe-moments.

As I said before, Shammi came this time with a slightly larger band, and one of his band member’s vocalist Ambika Jois stole the heart of the audience with her melodious voice. This is a recording from a guest:

COSM2-104The evening ended differently than the artists expected. DesiYUP believes in investing in upcoming talent and rewarding rising artists for making their own music. To celebrate Sangeeta’s debute EP DesiYUP presented her with a DesiYUP LP of her EP. Sangeeta never expected this official LP and what made the moment emotional for everyone is that it were here parents that came up on stage to hand her the LP to bless her for her journey so far.

COSM2-109After that special moment, it was my time to surprise Shammi by handing him an official DesiYUP LP copy of his album Cosmic. “Do any of you know what an LP is?”, asked Shammi from the audience. Nodding at people that raised their hands he said, “Then you know how special this is to me.”

With applause from the audience, the concert ended and everyone moved to the meet and greet area where everyone was able to talk to the artists and organisers and everyone was able to network, make pictures and have a great time. It was a night to remember, not only for our DesiYUP audience, but also for the artists that were received in an ambience of warmth and togetherness that only DesiYUP can organise.

We thank our DesiYUP audience, the artists and the Lucent Dans Theater that made this evening possible.


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