This is Sangeeta Bhageloe’s first official music video. This song is based on the raag kaushik dhwani, thaught and sung within the Kirana Gharana, stylistic school of Khyal (Indian Classical).

It was a long cherished wish of Sangeeta to sing a composition in the raga Kaushik Dhwani. “When I hear the melodies of the raga Kaushik Dhwani I experience a deep feeling from within, this raga arouses my subconsciousness and that makes it so mysterious”, says Sangeeta.

“Music to me is a form of devotion. Music for me is a way to God. It is one of the most beautiful ways to express myself. Music to me is love. Music to me is God. Music helps me express my every emotion. The deep feeling of happiness I experience through music is incomparable to anything else.” — Sangeeta Bhageloe

Vocals and lyrics: Sangeeta Bhageloe
Bansuri: Julia Ohrmann
Arrangement, Production and other instruments: Tammo Heikens
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Studio 108
Music produced by: Tammo Heikens

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