In this interview we spoke to the talented creative composer and producer Shammi Pithia. Shammi is building a solid name for himself. He is walking in the shadow of great artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh and Niraj Chag.

Enjoying the busiest time in his career so far, Shammi has worked on several projects including a remix for Nitin Sawhney that was released on his album The Last Days of Meaning. On top of studio work, Shammi has been gigging constantly, with notable performances at Glastonbury Festival, The Eastern Electronics Festival, The Great Escape Festival, the London Mela, a headline show at The Purcell Room at London’s Southbank Center, a performance at the prestigious Indig02 and most recently a performance at Victoria Park for BT London Live. Shammi also headlined the four-day festival ‘The Symbiosis of Sound’ curated by Talvin Singh at Kings Place in October 2012

As well as his rapidly moving solo career Shammi makes up one sixth of Flux, the band at the core of Shammi’s live sets. Flux recently released their E.P. Mirror.


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