Shammi Pithia

Enjoying the busiest time in his career so far, Shammi has worked on several projects including a remix for Nitin Sawhney that was released on his album The Last Days of Meaning.

On top of studio work, Shammi has been gigging constantly, with notable performances at Glastonbury Festival, The Eastern Electronics Festival, The Great Escape Festival, the London Mela, a headline show at The Purcell Room at London’s Southbank Center, a performance at the prestigious Indig02 and most recently a performance at Victoria Park for BT London Live. Shammi also headlined the four-day festival ‘The Symbiosis of Sound’ curated by Talvin Singh at Kings Place in October 2012

Concerts with Shammi Pithia

Creation of Something Meaningful I

Double Bill Concert

Creation of Something Meaningful II

Opening Gala Holland India Festivals

Videos with Shammi Pithia

Masterclasses with Shammi Pithia

A Masterful Masterclass

Creative Composing

The Creative Process

Articles with Shammi Pithia

Overcome | Shammi Pithia Overcome by Shammi Pithia Recorded in London Musicians / Instruments: Shammi Pithia - Bansuri Michael Goodey - Piano Suroj Sureshbabu - Guitar Preetha Narayanan - Violin Alice Barron - Violin Tara Franks - Cello

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SunriseFM promotes concert COSM and Shammi Pithia

The hot and happening radio station of Rotterdam, SunriseFM did an evening program with host Sudhier Nannan and guests Shantie Singh, Sangeeta Bhageloe and DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar. A super fun interview that only Sudhier can host, many parts of the hour were filled with laughter of the guests. All the ladies talked about their passion and their professional activities. Mahesvari explained the need for a platform like DesiYUP for the advancement of music and artists in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Filming Shammi Pithia’s music video

Shammi Pithia is one of the artist that I’m meeting during my stay in London. He is a great creative composer living in London. His vision of what can be done with different sounds of different instruments is worth listening to. His music can be defined as unique audial fine art. One can only understand it once they listen to it.

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Shammi Pithia at the Diwali Festival 2013 in Amstelveen

Shammi Pithia and Suroj Sureshbabu came to The Netherlands to visit the Diwali Festival in Amstelveen. They performed to a crowd of a few thousand people and were able to promote their concert in February, The Creation of Something Meaningful. Here are some snapshots

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