Shivali and Mahesvari

Bhajan Diva Shivali and Mahesvari in London

It’s been 5 month’s now since Shivali has done her bhajan concert in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  The atmosphere was amazing and people enjoyed each and every song. During this satsang concert I realised that a concert can only be a success when the audience connects with the artist, and that’s exactly what happened!



So I was very curious how Shivali has been doing after our concert. We saw each other in London and it’s was lovely meeting my sparkling star. Although I did feel sad when I heard the conduct of organisation Art of Living towards Shivali’s second album ‘Urban Temple’. In this interview Shivali clarifies her part of the story.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask them.


Check out Shivali’s Facebook Page

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