Bindu Subramaniam

SubraMania – Days in the Sun
DesiYUP is collaborating with the Embassy of India in Brussels to bring you Contemporary World Music involving fusion of jazz, soft rock and traditional Indian music from renowned Indian musicians led by Bindu Subramaniam.

“I’d give all my days in the sun To stand with you in the rain I’d give all my days in the sun To help me feel your pain I’d give all my days in the sun To see you once again See you once again”

A third generation prodigy, Bindu is an acclaimed songwriter and composer. Bindu has also performed with her father, the legendary Dr. L. Subramaniam and her mother Kavita Krishnamurti. Bindu is known worldwide for her unique music, which fuses soft rock and jazz elements with traditional Indian music. Bindu hypnotised the world by performing as a solist with symphony and orchestras in China, Norway, Germany and Romania. Bindu’s debut album “Surrender” was released in 2011on iTunes music and was nominated for GiMA in the best pop/rock album category. She also released a solo album named “Halo” and formed the band SubraMania together with her brother Ambi Subramaniam.

Meet the Host of the Evening

We are extremely happy to announce that Sharon Wezer will present the concert: Days in the Sun on the 16th of January. Most of you know Sharon for her excellent work in the Indian classical music field. She is popular and passionate dancer/ performer. Works at Korzo Theater and whenever she finds an opportunity she travels the globe and spreads the word of meaningful art. She is a respected personality within the Indian art field. And we are glad that she is joining forces with DesiYUP.

Sharon Wezer

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