The hot and happening radio station of Rotterdam, SunriseFM did an evening program with host Sudhier Nannan and guests Shantie Singh, Sangeeta Bhageloe and DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar. A super fun interview that only Sudhier can host, many parts of the hour were filled with laughter of the guests. All the ladies talked about their passion and their professional activities. Mahesvari explained the need for a platform like DesiYUP for the advancement of music and artists in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sangeeta even sang a few lines of one of the songs she will be performing in “De Nieuwe Kerk” in The Hague on the 24th of October at the concert: Creation of Something Meaningful. It even gave the Sudhier chills.

Shantie talked about her book “Vervoering” and how she’s looking foreword to host the concert on the 24th.

Sudhier will also be at the concert and we’re looking forward to have fun with him just as we had at the radio station.

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