‘Tere Naam’ – One doesn’t need to be surrounded by incense or regular trips to temples to be near to God. Spirituality is a way of life. The spirit is inside to do good karma, doing one’s deed sincerely is in itself a worship to the almighty. The Supreme being, the creator of all, who we call God, Allah, Jesus, Krishna or Ram, that resides in us.

Vasuda Sharma is performing 7th of September in de Oude Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, book your tickets online: https://www.luxortheater.nl/#modal=/v…

Vocals : Vasuda Sharma and Prewien Pandohi – Mishre
Guitar Arrangement – Chaitanya Bhaidkar
Piano – Steven Aswin Bissesar
Tabla – Ganesh Ramnath
Flute – Rajat Prasanna

Recording Studio – Zang & Muziekcentrum Vlaardingen
Mixing and Mastering – Vasuda Sharma
Produced By – DesiYUP
Video produced by – Anecdote Films
Sponsoring – Jet Airways

Hey Krishna Karun sindhu
Deen bandhu jagat pate
Gopesh Gopikantam
Radha kantam namostutey

Tere Naam sada sukh dete hain
Chaahe shaam kaho ya raam kaho
Khaali jholi bhar dete hain
chaahe shaam kaho ya raam kaho
Tere naam sada sukh dete hain

Teri jahan jahan puja hove
Main sabko sheesh jhukata chalun
Aisa yeh mann kar do bhagwan
Main Tere hi Gunn gaata chalun
Tum deen bandhu kehlaate ho
Chaahe shaam kaho ya raam kaho

Har Mushkil se bach jaate hain
tera saaya jinpar hota hai
Woh tere hi band jaate hain
Tu jahan samaaya hota hai
Girte ko sahaar dete hain
Chaahe Shaam kaho ya raam kaho
Tere naam sada sukh dete hain
Chahe shaam kaho ya raam kaho.


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