A-new-StepWhenever I begin with a shoot, I have this unexplainable feeling of excitement and tension at the same time.  My mind is chaotic, because so many ideas just pop up; all my idea’s want to be visible in this physical world, they all want to be seen.  But it’s my heart that gives me guidance to focus on a particular idea, that consoles me if I’m not able to visualize every single idea of mine. So yesterday the time was ripe to create a brand new video clip. This time DesiYUP produced a video together with the Dutch vocalist Sangeeta Bhageloe and music composer Tammo Heikens.

We had a fantastic crew, all very willing to make the best out of it. Sangeeta got her beautiful outfit from my dear friend and colleague Nazish Asghar, who has her own fashion label ‘Banarsi’. The technical part to shoot this video was in the hands of Flamboyant Media. With bags full of camera gear and audio gear for the background music orchestrated by Studio 108 we started with this project of visualizing the longing of a woman for the man she loves.

The collaboration and co-operation of these special people make this the vision of DesiYUP a reality. So please join us in our journey to promote Indian classical and crossover music. Like our Facebook Page to interact with us.


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