DesiYUP believes that sustainability in the music industry is of great importance. Over the years DesiYUP has endorsed ‘being in harmony with nature’ and therefore has actively promoted a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. During our events we only serve vegetarian or vegan food to our artists and audience.

We realize that our responsibility doesn’t end by only endorsing a vegetarian lifestyle to reduce our C02 footprint. We can do much more to create awareness about the asymmetrical attitude that only takes from nature, but doesn’t nourish and give back to nature.

Our organization is a positive movement with a holistic approach. We care about a meaningful music and art industry, we care about our audience and offer them high quality programs. But we also care about the environment, and we will do everything in our power to spread awareness about nurturing and respecting nature. 

Therefore we keep taking babysteps to make the Music Industry that we are active in more sustainable. In the coming weeks and months this list of actions will grow, and we will continue in updating this blog!  

Here are some actions that we will implement in our work:

🌳 We will encourage artists traveling within Europe to take the train. Fore-mostly musicians traveling from UK, Germany, and Belgium.

🌳 Musicians living in The Netherlands will be requested to share rides or to take public transport if they aren’t carrying a heavy music instrument with them.

🌳 We will team up with catering services and other vendors that don’t use single use plastic. We will avoid in giving beverages in single use plastic bottles and cups.

For DesiYUP sustainability is more than reducing our carbon footprint.

We also feel the responsibility to make the music industry in which we operate in sustainable, thus healthy. This translates to other types of steps that we will take as an organization.

🎻 We receive many emails from musicians who want to travel to Europe. Our organization is too small to accommodate so many requests. We will therefore create an online form in which artists can fill in their details. If we see a good fit we will connect with the musicians. 

🎻 We want to offer our audience the best quality of art possible and therefore we will only work with musicians that can come up with strong concepts – think out of the box – and can include a PR-plan/strategy for the target audience that will appreciate their music.

🎻 We will expand our services as booker for theaters rather than booking and organizing concerts. Theaters & festivals are more than capable to produce programs, but they lack vision if it comes to booking the right artists, mainly because they don’t have programmers with knowledge about Indian music and hence deliver low quality performances. This ignorance is harmful for the entire Indian music industry in The Netherlands and we intend to do something about that.

DesiYUP will continue in bringing you meaningful music, in collaboration with artists and theaters. Music that heals the heart, calms the mind and enriches your life experience. We are grateful for all the support that we have received since 2012 and look forward to surprise you in the next decade. 🙏❤️

With love,

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